Eww .. Pakistani boy arrested for raping a “Hen”

“What on this green Earth I have read”, “Bizzare, that’s awkward and embarrassing”, “Admin, are you on weed”, these must be your reactions after reading the heading. But this happened for real. A 14 year Pakistani boy has been arrested for sexually assaulting and killing a hen. Yes, this happened (on the record).

Going further into the details, 14 year old Ansar Hussain has stolen a hen from his neighbour Mansab Ali and started sexually assaulting the hen in a private space. However, he was caught red handed by two witnesses named Nasrullah and Tufail. The hen died immediately.

When the owner Mansab Ali came to know about the weird act performed by the teenager, he did register a case against the boy in Hafizabad police station. When the head police of the station asked Ansar Hussain about the details, the 14 year old admitted doing the weird act out of sexual frustration.

The FIR has been registered and the boy has been taken into custody on “Unnatural Offence” case. Pakistani media is yet to report on what are the possible punishments the boy would be sentenced to for the Unnatural Offence he has committed.