Don’t vote for Pawan Kalyan – says Prakash Raj

For various reasons, mostly controversial, Prakash Raj has been into news these days. At first an unsaid statement of Prakash Raj which had a content something like the actor is in thoughts of returning all the national awards he got since he believes that Modi is a better actor than him. However, Prakash denied expressing such statement.

Then, Prakash Raj directly spoke about “Hindu Terrorism”. He smashed the right wing politics with his words worrying about the lynchings in the country in the name of Cow protection. This statement has drawn a huge controversy.

Now the actor is requesting the public to not to vote film actors in elections going on their filmy image. He even included names like Rajinikanth, Pawan Kalyan and Kamal Haasan in his statement. Prakash Raj adds that film actors are entering into politics unnecessarily with any intellect ideology. The actor has also confirmed that he will not be joining any political party and will always stay from politics.