Donald Trump had affair with a pornstar – secrets revealed

No matter you like him or hate, you can’t deny the fact that Donald Trump is currently the most popular face on planet Earth. Even a single tweet from him is being discussed in international media. With so much attention around him and for him, Donald Trump cannot let go any secret outside. But American Tabloid revealed a very dark secret of Donald Trump’s life. This is a new rage in the west part of the globe.

Donald Trump once had affair with famous pornstar Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Daniels is the original name). It was 2006 when Trump first had sex with her in Lake Tahoe, NV hotel, in his suite. Apparently, Donald paid $1,30,000 (nearly 83 lakhs in Indian Rupees) to Daniels to make her mute ahead of the 2016 President Elections in USA.

Daniels herself revealed that they both had unprotected sex during that night. Surprisingly, this thing took place 4 months after Trump’s wife Melanie Trump gave birth to a child. Trump deliberately had hidden all these secrets so that Hillary Clinton couldn’t use them against him. To his luck, everything worked out. Today he is the President of the United States of America. There would no consequences.