Does men like public hair in women?

Public hair (hair around genitals) is for the extra protection for genitals from different types of bacteria. Although there is no particular science evidence to say that, it is believed that public hair protects from harmful exposure. Whatever, public hair isn’t unhealthy to say for the record. But doesn public hair create any hurdles or obtascles for your partner while giving an oral? However, public hair in mean doesn’t disturb oral $ex at all but while men performing Cunnilingus, it does. Now the question is, do men like public hair in women? Well, a leading journal in Canada made an attempt to know different views from different people. Here are 5 interesting answers from them.

Man 1 : “Personally, I think vagina is too complexive to understand. This is the reason why most of the men hesitate to perform an oral. So, it is up to women, whether she has to make her thing look attractive or not. Yeah, she should cut down the public hair if I have to go down to her”.

Man 2 : “It scratches. But no man should force her. See, we are normal human beings. She is not a pornstar for me. She need not be perfect and I won’t be. We must accept the body the way it is. If she doesn’t hesitate to kiss you with beard, why should a man hesitate seeing public hair?”

Man 3 : “I prefer clean shaved lady part. I don’t know why but it looks attractive when it is well maintained. Growing public hair isn’t a trend these days. I won’t demand but most of the girls today don’t want to grow public hair either”.

Man 4 : “Well, that’s an awkward question. What should I say. It doesn’t bother me if she is not clean shaved. I still feel excited to share bed with. I still go down to her. It doesn’t matter much.

Man 5 : “Bush is $exy. It’s a beard for her lady part. Let her keep it or let her shave. In both cases, I would still fall for her. I just love my girlfriend’s body”.