Did Poonam Kaur say Pawan Kalyan ditched her?

Pawan Kalyan – Kathi Mahesh saga might have found a satisfactory end at the end, but the Poonam Kaur issue which came from nowhere is still in the limelight. Who actually this Poonam Kaur is to Pawan Kalyan? Why did she say she want to marry someone like him in the past? Why didn’t she denied Kathi Mahesh’s statements over her relationship with Pawan Kalyan? Why did Pawan Kalyan place her in Andhra Pradesh government as a goodwill ambassador for traditional clothes? And the at the end, what do Poonam Kaur’s latest tweets mean?

“Never knew the nature of being honest,sincere n committed would lead me into this kind of pressure,trust is something which has got extinct.”, going by this tweet it’s clear that Poonam has either been neglected, ditched or betrayed by someone she was close with. The question is, who is neglecting her?

All fingers pointing towards Pawan Kalyan since she is rumoured to be his girlfriend and Pawan Kalyan never responded to the controversy despite Poonam asking him to help. Was she sincerely committed to Pawan Kalyan? Pawan started ignoring with the fear of losing political goodwill? Someone has to answer all these questions for God sake.