Despite having regular $ex no pregnancy? These might be the reasons     2017-11-29   21:15:43  IST  Lakshmi P

Despite having regular $ex no pregnancy? These might be the reasons

Both the partners are all healthy, fertile with certification and have no STD’s inside, performing the love making act quite regularly and still she is not being able to get pregnant? With such situations around couples get confused over the fact that they have nothing wrong inside the body and nothing on the side of efforts but why they are still unable to produce a baby? Well, these mistakes/ things you are unaware would be preventing pregnancy. Check what they are.

* A wrong lubricant :

Lubricant is only required when you haven’t had enough foreplay. At first place, the foreplay session must go with intensity and loads of love. However, if you are dependent on a lubricant, choose a right one. There are lubricants which could actually affect the motility of sperm and stopping them from fertilisation.

* Hymen layer :

To start with, a hymen layer is not a proof of virginity. She can lose the layer at any time, where she was playing a hard game, cycling or even a jump. Well, few women don’t lose the hymen layer. Other few don’t lose it even after mating couple of times. When hymen layer is intact, the chances of pregnancy comes down.

* Period

Women have this non fertile days in month. Since they are called non fertile, you should probably understand that you are doing it in the wrong time of month. No matter how hard you try, she would still not get pregnant as her body is designed that way. So, plan your $ex sessions with a perfect schedule.

* He masturbating before the session

Actually, masturbating right before a $ex session would help him to prolong the session. That works when none of the two want pregnancy. Sperm count keeps coming down after every ejaculation in a day. So, the chances of pregnancy too come down.