Dangerous signs of miscarriage

Delivering a baby is the biggest achievement for a woman. It’s the greatest feeling one can ever have being a woman. What if miscarriage snatches the experience of becoming a mother ? Sometimes, life is cruel. Here are the signs that could possibly bring miscarriage.

* Keep a track on your baby’s activity. How active it is and how long dull it has been. If you see an all of sudden fall in baby’s activity, that could possibly a sign of miscarriage. In general, many miscarriage cases are seen during first trimester. So, be alert.

* Bleeding 1/3 common in pregnancy. Yes, 30% of the women will face bleeding after becoming pregnant. But not in every case, that is a miscarriage. Having said that, it is still one of the signs of miscarriage. It’s better to go through tests if it’s bleeding. We never know, what is coming.