Dangerous side effects of Hair dye

We all want to slow down our ageing. Not necessarily it is by diet and lifestyle. We just try to hide things. Want to hide the wrinkles by make up. Want to hide the white hair with a hair dye. Today, hair dye is one of the widest consumed products in the world. But what hair dye brings to us and what it takes from us ? The chemically coated hair dye has monster in it. The one which can cause a cancer, infertility, asthma and much more. Here we are leaving you with some popular side effects of hair dye. Do read them.

* Few to several researches have found that manufacturers of hair dye are ostensibly injecting some carcinogenic properties into it. In 80’s it was a popular. Today there are different opinions on the usage of cancer causing elements in hair dye. For the case of keeping it safe and risk free, one should better avoid applying a die to their hair.

* Hair dye also contains paraphenylenediamine or PPD which is harmful enough to bring Asthma. It is found that people who work in beauty parlors and get exposed to the paraphenylenediamine polluted air are generally at high risk of facing breathing problems. You need be a stylist here, even if you are regular colouring your hair, breathing problems are awaiting for you without any mercy.