Crazy trick to increase mobile internet speed by 10 times

This is a patience less age. Time is more than money and no one wants to spend the valuable time on slow internet speed. You are downloading a movie with an intention to watch it as early as possible but your WiFi speed doesn’t let you watch it soon? You want to watch a YouTube video in 1080P but your mobile data speed is too slow to do that? Cricket match live stream is getting stopped at key moments? Here is a solution for you. There is a trick where you can use both WiFi and mobile at a go and combine the speed. That gives you the maximum speed. Know how to do that.

* Download “Speedify” mobile app on your android or iOS smartphone (Not available for Windows).

* Install the app and allow all the basic permissions it asks.

* Turn on your mobile data and also WiFi.

* Open the Speedify app and provide a email id for login. (You can give any random ID since the app doesn’t confirm your mail id address). You can a five a fake and non existent mail id too.

* Turn on the Speedify and you will mobile data and WiFi connection getting combined by the app. Your internet connection speed will go crazy.

* For Samsung users, you can use download booster instead of Speedify.

* Remember, one mail id is allowed to browse only 1 GB combined speed internet. You can give another mail id after you finish the limit.