Clarity on Rs.1000 note issue – Official statement

Right from yesterday night, there have been number of reports in all forms of media (especially electronic and web media) about the re introduction of ₹1000 note. While few of media sections reported that ₹1000 note printing is under progress, few of other media sections even went on circulating a blue colour ₹1000 note, tentatively. All these rumous turned out to be cooked up stories.

The secretary of Economic affairs, India, Shaktikanta Das has officially confirmed that there are no plans on government’s part to bring ₹1000 denomination back. In other sense, he trashed all the false reports and also the fake note designed. He also requested the citizens not to overdraw money and make ₹500 notes comfortably available for other citizens.

“No plans to introduce ₹1000 notes. Focus is on production and supply of ₹500 and lower denomination notes. Complaints of cash out in ATMs being addressed. Request everyone to draw the cash they actually require. Overdrawal by some deprives others.” Shaktikanta Das stated.