Chiranjeevi says sorry to KTR

World Telugu Summit (ప్రపంచ తెలుగు మహాసభలు) have become a stage of too good lectures. The Telangana Chief Minister KCR inaugurated the Summit with a grand speech lasting over 30 minutes. This was inarguably one of the most informative and efficient speeches given by a politician in long time. Megastar Chiranjeevi didn’t fall short though.

But the highlight of Chiranjeevi’s speech was his revelation of saying sorry to Telangana IT minister KTR. When KTR went to Chiranjeevi to invite him personally to the summit Chiranjeevi congratulated him for being selected as the “LEADER OF THE YEAR” by Business World. Now you may wonder what’s wrong in that. Chiranjeevi expressed his wishes in “English” but not in Telugu.

When KTR replied “మనం తెలుగువాళ్ళం సార్” Chiranjeevi felt embarrassing with himself. “During the time of World Telugu summit, I was conversing in English with him. That’s wrong on my part. Why should two people converse in Telugu like Tamilians do with Tamil and Hindi speaking people do with Hindi. I said sorry to KTR” Chiranjeevi stated.