Chiranjeevi is on Allu Arjun’s side .. not Pawan Kalyan’s

For last few days, the Telugu filmy media is filled up with the news of cracks between Pawan Kalyan and Allu Family. But have you ever wondered if Megastar Chiranjeevi has any problem with Allu family? Is it Pawan Kalyan alone who isn’t enjoying any good relationship with Allu family or even Chiranjeevi is at the same end ?

Well, Chiranjeevi still has all good relationship with Allu Aravind and his sons. Even after the very recent allegations on Allu brothers in connection with Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi didn’t spoil his relationship with Allu family.

As our sources say, Allu Arjun will promote his next film DJ – Duvvada Jagannadham in Chiranjeevi’s Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu very soon. In fact, it was Megastar who invited his son in law to grace his show and promote the film.

So, all is well in between Chiranjeevi and Allu camp. It’s only Pawan Kalyan and Pawan Kalyan fans, who are less treated beings in the Mega family compound. Confused .. what went wrong with only Pawan Kalyan ?