Children spending hours on screen, at risk of diabetes

How much time do your children spend on screen ? Didn’t get what is on screen ? We mean, how much time do your children spend on TV, mobile and computer screens ? If it is just one hour, all is well. If it is two hours a day, that should be an issue to feel concern, if it is 3-4 hours, don’t let them do that and if it is 5-6 hours, please make them understand that they are at a risk of diabetes. Because, a recent study in Washington states that children in the age of 9-10 , who spend 5-6 hours everyday on TV, mobile or computer screens, are deeply at risk of diabetes.

The findings of this study have been published in the journal of Archives of disease in Childhood. Researchers found of 18% of children today are spending 5-6 hours on TV, smartphones and computers everyday. This habit of spending too much time on screens is causing blood fats, inflammatory chemicals, blood glucose levels, body fat and on a whole, this habit keeps the children at the risk of diabetes and also cardiovascular diseases.

“Our findings suggest that reducing screen time may be beneficial in reducing type 2 diabetes risk factors, in both boys and girls and in different ethnic groups from an early age. This is particularly relevant, given rising levels of type 2 diabetes risk and recent trends suggesting that screen time related activities are increasing in childhood and may pattern screen related behaviours in later life” said one of the researchers.

Blood samples of 4,500 children, at the age 9-10 from 200 schools of London have been taken for this study. The reports are suggesting only one thing to the modern parents, make them play outside. Don’t let them get addicted to TV, smartphone and computers.