Causes and symptoms of ovarian cancer

You would barely hear about ovarian cancer. But it is still, a dangerous disease taking thousands of women lives every year. Unpopular, uncommon and mostly unpredictable. The problem with such rare diseases is, not many know the signs of it and not many bats an eye.

Ovarian cancer is nothing but the growth of abnormal cells in ovarian region which could lead to a tumor. Here is a scary fact, the tumor, if not treated at early stage, could spread all over the body. So, it should to detected as early as possible. We think it is best to enlighten you people with the causes and symptoms of this dangerous cancer.

Causes :

* Obesity can encourage the growth of cancer cells.

* Of course, genes can bring this.

* If the person has effected with breast or colon cancer in the past.

* Inability to become pregnant.

* Endometriosis.

* Genetic mutations connected with this type of cancer. For example, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

* Harmone therapies.

* Usage of fertility medicines.