Bunny Targets 50 Crores Again

Being a classy and simple family entertainer “Attarintiki Daaredhi” performed extremely well in all centres across the world. Even the makers and director Trivikram didn’t expect that a movie of that genre gets that range of collections. So, Trivikram again followed the same formula for s/o Satyamurthy according to few sources.

It have shades of “Attarintiki Daaredhi”, but along with that entertainment and emotions will be double compared to “Attarintiki Daaredhi”. Last half an hour contains extraordinary dialogues which wins our hearts.Everyone is familiar with PawanKalyan’s dialogues with his aunt “Sunanda” in Attarintiki Daaredhi”.

No one can forget that scene, this scene helped a lot for Attarintiki Daaredhi for being Industry Hit. Now, Trivikram planned even better climax for S/o Satyamurthy. Even though this movie got postponed for one week, no one in the unit are worried about its result as they are confident that it will also be big hit as Attarintiki Daaredhi. So, S/o Satyamurthy is going to be another 50crore movie in Bunny’s career.