BJP MLA projects Virat Kohli as Desh Drohi

You know who Virat Kohli is and his passion towards the game called cricket and his pride in representing a great country named India. But a BJP MLA has now questioned Virat Kohli’s patriotism. This absurd question has equally absurd logic behind.

MLA Panna Lal Shakya is not happy with Virat Kohli arranging his marriage in Italy but not in India. “Virat Kohli earned money in India. But he didn’t find any place to marry in this country. Is Hindustan untouchable? Lord Rama, Vikramaditya and Lord Krishna got married on this land. You all must have got married here. None of us goes to a foreign country to get married. Kohli earned millions in India and spent in Italy. He doesn’t have any respect for this country. He is not patriotic.” the MLA said in a party gathering as quoted by the Indian Express.

Well, Virat got married in Italy to avoid media attention right? Imagine what a mess the Indian media have been, had Virat announced his marriage early and made the event happen in India.