Benefits of sunlight exposure every morning

Early morning sunlight, the less UV rated sunlight around 7 AM to 9 PM

* Vitmain D plays an important role in building immunity power. It improves the functioning of T cells. So, exposing the body to morning sunlight will improve healing power. These are the following benefits your body will get with morning sun.

* Morning sunlight improves the production of melatonin, a harmone that could improve your sleep quality. Vitamin D helps the optic nerve to send message to the brain to produce more melatonin in the night.

* Cancer risk gets down and down if a body meets it’s vitamin D requirement every day. If you are exposed to morning say regularly, there are less chances to develop a cancer.

* Talking about cancer, it has been proven that women are less prone to breast cancer if they take required amount of vitamin D regularly. So, it is highly recommended for women to get exposed to sunlight in the morning.

* Contrary to your beliefs, healthy sunlight is good for your skin. Yes, it is. But remember, not after 10 PM. Usage of sunscreen lotion is must for such.

* It has also been proven that vitamin D3 prevents age related macular degeneration and stops early blindness. You can say, regular exposure to morning sun will improve your eyesight.

* A 15-20 mins sunlight intake will reduce stress levels. It helps to body to produce more oxytocin, a happy hormone and discourage the production of stress hormones.