Balakrishna needs mental treatment – says Kathi Mahesh

Kathi Mahesh is already under the radar in complete negative perspective for Pawan Kalyan fans. Now, he is trying to evoke the evilness in Balakrishna fans too. The film critic, who is allegedly running a negative campaign against Janasena and it’s president Pawan Kalyan, has turned his sight towards Balakrishna.

Of late, Balakrishna was caught on camera several times slapping his own fans. NBK has already taken loads of criticism from the public and media for his rude behavior with admirers. When we thought the discussion on the topic over, Kathi Mahesh recalled it.

“I don’t find ethics in beating people. How come an MLA, with such stature behind do that? What kind of right a public representative has on the public? Who gave him the right to do that? He fantasizes himself as a dictator belonging to a great dynasty. He needs to be treated with a good mental counseling with a psychiatric” said Kathi.

Has Kathi Mahesh earned rivalry from yet another fanbase? Is he intentionally targetting film and political celebrities for publicity? Give us some thoughts.