70-year-old Arab sheikh held for Marrying 17-year old     2015-04-05   11:49:23  IST  Raghu V

70-year-old Arab sheikh held for Marrying 17-year old

Horrifying human trafficking in the form of marriages to Arabs continue to plague the poverty-stricken Muslim community in Hyderabad’s Old City. One more ghastly incident came to fore in the old city.Hyderabad police on arrested A 70 year-old Arab Sheikh from Oman allegedly married a 17 year-old girl from the Old city on contract basis of Rs 60,000 given to her mother.

The accused identified as Al Sanaidi Khamis Mohd. Khamis, 72 and he came to city ten days back on tourist visa. Along with him two brokers — Noorjahan and Shafiq Mohammed were caught by police. Meanwhile qazi from Kishanbagh who performed the marriage was absconding.As per reports the teenager was confined in a house to live with the sheikh for a fortnight in the old city.

The ordeal unfolded when the teenager persuaded a 10-year-old boy to call the police, when she told him that she was married against her will. The Teenager stated that the assailant tried to sexually assault her, a charge has been filed by the police.

The 72 year old sheik confessed the crime and said to police that even his forefathers had come to Hyderabad and married minors here on contract basis and flew back to their countries.