Anushka’s 2 minute lip-lock

Anushka who was seen in the Baahubali promotions until recently has joined the floors of her upcoming movie, ‘Size Zero’ under the direction of K Prakash. As per reports the film story revolves around an obese woman and all her efforts to reduce the extra flab for size zero.

Anushka is going to romance with Tamil hero Arya in the film. As per reports Arya is playing physcial trainer role in the movie. This film crew recently shot some romantic scenes between Anushka and Arya and some details related those scenes got leaked out.

As per the insiders news, they shot some scenes that involves intensive lip lock scenes and there is scene that goes for around two minutes.There are a lot of expectations from this movie. The main theme is women centric so most likely the main plot would be centered on women empowerment and the importance of women in the society.