Anushka to retire next year?

12 years of career, over 40 films in the lead role, second most paid actress down south, the queen of biggest movie franchise, Baahubali. What more could an actress achieve than this? Anushka Shetty is a revolutionary name in Telugu film industry. She is probably the only actress in India who scored second biggest grosser in an industry with a female centric film (Arundhati). There is nothing more to achieve. She has a loyal fan base. She pulled of few films on own. She is considered as one of the finest actresses to grace the silver screen. There is still so much to add to the list.

But every career has to see an end. Did that time arrive in Anushka’s career? The actress wouldn’t be seen as a lead actress alongside star heroes anymore. Maybe, she cannot dance to Romanic numbers anymore. All that she could now do is female centric films. But how many more? No filmmaker signed her after Baahubali 2. Bhaagmathi is a film that started in 2016. Will Bhaagmathi earn some projects for her? Will she continue doing more films or will she be getting married next year as per gossips?

Is it the right time for Anushka to take retirement from the tinsel town? Better to leave with grace and star image? What’s your thoughts?