Anchor Ravi reveals the reason behind clash with Lasya

There was a time when the names Ravi – Lasya were not supposed to spell in different sentences. Such was the craze for this anchor Jodi which ruled the TV talk show world with a special show called “Something Special”. We could say, they were Chiranjeevi – Radha or Sharukh – Kajol of Telugu TV screen.

Quite a few show makers utilised the craze of this Jodi by making them host thier shows together. But things have taken ugly turns between Ravi and Lasya by the passage of time. Today, they don’t hold the same rapport or bonding. But why? Anchor Ravi has finally opened up on the issue.

“I and Lasya were doing a dance show which finished two seasons. When the third was supposed to start, I made it clear to the makers that I will only anchor the show and will not lead any team in the show. Although the makers agreed to my demand, they wanted Lasya to lead the team but not host the show. In inverse, Lasya wanted to host the show along with me. She didn’t want to lead the team along with some other guy. The makers were irked with our demands. We both lost that show. That’s where it began. Then I went on grabbing quite a few opportunities to host other shows. Whereas, nothing came towards Lasya and TV people thought she will only sparkle alongside me but not alone or with other guy. Lasya started blaming me for her downfall”. Ravi told to leading TV channel.