Anchor Pradeep’s hungama in a night party

Telugu TV screen’s most happening male anchor, Pradeep Machiraju has gained all these attention with a popular show “Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta” which gets telecasted in Zee Telugu. Now being a well known face, his irresponsibility and unethical behaviour irked a girl recently.

It is heard that Pradeep and his friends, after a late night party in an alcoholic state, started teasing a girl who happened to attend the same party. According to reports, Pradeep’s friend gang spelled out very vulgar language with the girl and Pradeep was witnessing all the drama as if he was enjoying a show.

It is said that, Pradeep didn’t move an inch even after people gathered there tried to tell him that he is doing wrong. When the condition was going out of hand, bouncers have reportedly handled the situation and Pradeep and friends were taken away from the premises.