Anasuya proves herself guilty and badly behaved

Anchor Anasuya is all over internet for a very big wrong reason. She has allegedly misbehaved with a 9 year old kid and even broken his mobile phone, when he barely aksed for a selfie. Mother of the kid recorded a video stating what Anasuya did and left it in the internet. The video has set the internet on fire.

Anasuya tried her level best for safety measures. She denied doing any such thing but all her efforts went in vain as the proofs kept coming on the internet. Anasuya was caught on camera when she behaved rude with the kid and went away in a car (even the car number is with the kid and mother). The family registered a police complaint with an allegation of misbehavior, property damage and verbal abuse.

Netizens went furious over the Jabardast anchor for such a rude behavior. Anasuya couldn’t defend anything coming her way. She then deleted her Twitter account, also Facebook and Instagram. She completely vanished from social media inorder to skip the heat. But what does that prove? It only proves that Anasuya is guilty for real and she just tried to lie on the issue. She just misbehaved with a 9 year old kid who just asked for a photo. Doesn’t any public figure get such warmth and attention? So lame reaction for love?