An app that allows you to find $ex partner

This is a time where apps provide almost everything, which you have expected and also which you wouldn’t imagine at your door service even in your wildest dreams. Today, there is an app which delivers alcohol bottles at your door, there is an app in England which allows women to book sperm from sperm donors of their choice, there is Tinder which allows you to send dating requests. Now, an app came into existence in Dutch, which allows users to create legally binding consensual sex contacts. Yes, you got to believe this. The name of the app is “LegalFling”.

Now you may wonder how this app works. It’s pretty much an adultery version of Tinder. If you are a guy, search for some hot girls who have joined the app with the same intention of having $ex with a stranger. If you find someone hot, send a request, if she likes your profile and photos, she may accept your request to have sex. If she doesn’t, she will turn down your offer. How simple is this.

There are certain requirements to use this app. You must be all healthy without any $exually transmitted infections and diseases. At both the ends, users must be STD free. Usage of condom should be confirmed in the registration clause itself. If you attempt any thing silly, including submitting fake health certificates or recording sex session without the consent of the partner or revenge porn, you are liable to legal punishment. This app is going viral throughout Sweden.