Amazing foods that can fight against all skin problems

We all do have certain types of skin problems. One may have a dry skin, which is getting damaged day by day and other may have an oily skin which doesn’t save you from severe skin problems like acne and pimples. We face problems with free radicals that exhibit our skin as bit aged. We all have those toxins inside that bring so many impurities on the outer layer of the skin. We suffer from UV rays, we suffer from wrinkles, with suffer with complexion problems and we suffer with other hundreds of skin problems. So, we thought of making you aware of all those skin friendly foods, each carrying different set of nutrients and benefits for your skin. There is a solution for every skin problem here. So, check out all the superfoods for different skin problems.

#1. Spinach :

Spinach is a great source of nutrients like calcuim, pottasium, iron, magnisium, omega 3 faty acids, vitamins like vitamin a,vitamin b, vitamin c, vitamin e, and an effective antioxidant like lutein. This antioxidant keeps your skin healthy natural and oil free. You can even make a face mask with spinach, adding little amount of honey and banana. Many researchers have confirmed that drinking spinach juice is a great treatment for skin problems like ageing, acne, tan, and dark spots.