Amazing facts about breast milk

Breast milk is the first unplanned diet a human takes. More importantly, it’s the most healthy and nutrients full diet a human starts survival with. So, why don’t we see some of the most interesting and amazing facts about this boon for the mankind.

* Breast milk contains proteins, fat carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium and many other nutrients.

* A woman’s body consumes 25% energy while producing milk. It’s 5% more than what our brain does.

* New borns can sense the smell of their mother’s breast milk. That is they reason why they automatically turn their head towards mother’s breasts.

* Breastfeeding helps a mother to recover much quickly from pregnancy. The hormonal acts during breastfeeding helps to the uterus to get back into the size before pregnancy.

* Breastfeeding helps a mother to lose nearly 600 calories in a day. This is actually heavily beneficial for the woman’s body.

* As breast milk is filled with nutrients, it has the healing power to fight with infections. So, feeding a baby with breast milk is must to protect the new born from infections.

* Human breast milk contains more calories and fat than Goat’s milk and Cow’s milk. However, woman’s breast milk doesn’t contain proteins as much as Cow’s milk or Goat’s milk has.

* There are many human milk banks or mother milk banks in the world, where a mother donates her milk for other children.

* The taste of breast milk may change slightly depending upon what the mother eats. So, children get to taste different flavours.

* Babies don’t drink the full of what is available. They drink only the part their bodies require, which is 67% from the availability according to research.

* It doesn’t matter whether the mother is a leftie nor not, the right breast is said to be producing more milk than the left.