Amazing benefits of Stevia leaves

If in case anybody here is unaware of what Stevia is, it’s a herb taken from a green plant called Stevia Rebaudiana. It’s a green leafy plant which has it’s roots in South America. Today, Stevia is wide spread all over the world. Popularly, Stevia leaves are knows as substitutes for sugar. It is said that Stevia leaves are 200 times sweeter than sugar. These leaves mainly consist of two compounds Stevioside and Rebaudioside A. Stevia, in leaves form or powder, or even as a plant, is easily available in the market price starting from Rs. 80-100. Now make yourself aware of few to several benefits that Stevia offers.

* Although Stevia is said to be much sweeter than table sugar, it has been proved that natural Stevia leaves do no harm in blood steam unlike table sugar which increases the levels of blood sugar and cause diabetes. Stevia is prescribed for diabetes patients.

* Stevia leaves are approved by World health organisation and American food department as a nutritional food. When used it in moderate measurements, Stevia works absolutely fine.

* Stevia leave promote weight loss. They carry almost no calories. It has been placed among zero calorie foods.

* Stevia leaves contain Stevioside, which relaxes your blood vessels and promote healthy blood flow to the heart. It also lowers the blood pressure.

* These leaves contain plenty of antioxidants. In special, there is kaempfol, which prevents cancer. Few to several studies have proved that Stevia leaves cut down the chances of cancer by 23%.

Other benefits :

* These leaves promote oral health. Prevents cavities.

* With the presence of calcium, it also promotes bone health.

* Stevia is also said to working on Osteoporosis.

* If regularly taken, Stevia improves your skin health.

* It’s a source of minerals like magnesium, potassium and protein and iron.