Amazing benefits of Ginger tea

Ginger is another widely and mostly used kitchen spice all over the world. Specifically in India, it carries enormous importance in preparing few to many dishes. Ginger is not taste friendly food but does hold many nutritional benefits. For every 100g of Ginger, you can reap 80 calories, 17.7g carbohydrates, Vitamins like Vitamin E,C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, folate, nutrients like magnesium, calcium etc. Ginger can also be used as tea, by pieces of Ginger throwing into boiling water. The mixture can be taken as tea after straining. This Ginger tea is highly beneficial for the following reasons.

* Ginger tea can improve the blood circulation. It improves the blood flow and oxygen flow to all parts of the body.

* Ginger has aphrodisiac which is a great thing for improving sperm quality. It also cuts down the dysfunction problems and helps in erections.