Amala Paul’s affair with hero caused her divorce ?

One after one, the dark thruths of Tamil film industry are seeing the revelation. Singer Suchitra or her hacked account is now the source for many hidden dark things. One from them is the reason behind actress Amala Paul’s marriage collapse.

As you know, Amala Paul got married to director Vijay in 2014 and the couple got separated for undisclosed reasons in 2016. That undisclosed reason is Amala Paul’s extramarital affair with a top star of Tamil Industry?

Nothing to hide as the fake or real account of Suchitra tweeted it publicly. According to her, Amala Paul had secret affair with actor Dhanush and that’s reason why Vijay wanted to get divorce from the actress. Finally, the same happened last year.

But the question is, how far we can put our belief in these allegations made by Suchitra or the rumoured fake account. Interestingly, the same Twitter account is supposed to bring proofs for the allegations very soon.