Allu Sirish paid for his own banners in theaters?

This headline would take your by anger if you are a mega family fan but the news has it.

As you people know, actor’s fans in Southern India take it as a responsibility to garland thier hero cutouts and posters when there is a film release. Also there is a trend where fans tie banners all over the theaters with slogans and their pics with the hero. It’s been here for decades now. This happens for every star hero. But Allu Sirish isn’t a star hero. Is he?

But he has banners tied in theaters for the release of Okka Kshanam. Guess what? It’s been revealed that Allu Sirish’s team has paid for those banners. That is what our sources say. Sirish’s team has appointed a team for this. All this for mere and unimportant satisfaction? Don’t people know how much mettle Sirish has even though his team try to project him as a star?

Well, interestingly Okka Kshanam opened on a very low note despite having a positive talk. The day 1 share in Telugu states barely touched 50 lakhs mark. While his debut movie Gouravam raked 60 lakhs on day 1, Maruthi’s Kottha Janta was 1cr and Srirastu Shubashastu collected 1.27cr share on first day. Now you got tell what they have tried to project with paid banners.