Akhil would give heart attack to Nagarjuna

Poor lad Akhil is going though a very hard phase right now. One and half year into the past, the debutant faced massive disaster at boxoffice and still, he is unable to come out of it and start a new film. Irony, his personal life went on taking an unexpected turn as he broke his engagement with his love Shriya Bhupal, all of sudden. This hasn’t just disturbed Akhil, more than the boy, Nagarjuna is feeling the agony because of the circumstances.?

Tried hard to cope up and concerned father managed himself to restart working. But, Akhil isn’t letting him sleep in the nights with peace. As per whisperings in the filmnagar, Akhil has way too many doubts about his career and his uncertain mind is responsible for the delay in Vikram Kumar’s film. It is heard that this project might get delayed even more from here. If that happens, no one is to be blamed, except the 22 year old actor.

Disastrous career as of now, uncertain future and a broken engagement .. Akhil is literally playing games with the blood pressure of his father. At this rate, he would give a heart attack to Nagarjuna. Chill, that was just an attempt to be funny.