Akhil admits that he didn’t listen to Nagarjuna and paid price

There is a phase of life right from the sweet sixteen to 21-22 where you start feeling you are the only one to take any decision about your life. Somewhere down the line you have that over qualified sense. But this is exactly the phase where people commit most number of mistakes. You need to learn lessons from those and move on. Time passes, you will become matured and you will also realise how immature you were. That’s the beauty.

Akhil Akkineni had a terrible time until this moment. His debut carrying the highest hopes miserably flopped at boxoffice. Akhil – The Power of Jua is probably the worst debut ever made by a hier from a big fat film family. Even Akhil knows that. Fuel in the fire, Akhil was so down personally. His relationship with Shriya Bhupal which went till engagement also failed. Who should be blamed for all these? Akhil has blamed himself.

Akhil says that he didn’t listen to his father, made every decision on own with a blind view and paid price for everything. Be it with failure of debut movie or be it with the failure of a relationship, both the times Akhil didn’t listen to Nagarjuna.

Akhil is coping up very well. He credits Vikram Kumar and Hello for blossoming his mindset into a beautiful and mature thing. The actor is expected to tie up with Koratala Siva for his next.