Agnyaathavaasi day 1 records are not records

Agnyaathavaasi opened to 26cr share in Telugu states. As you know, it is the second biggest opening day of all time in Telugu states just behind Baahubali 2 the conclusion. But the number is exactly what it should have been? If you ask a trade expert, the answer will definitely be no.

Agnyaathavaasi is a record release. The film had a similar release to Baahubali 2 in Telugu states. Government of Andhra Pradesh permitted large amount of benefit shows and 7 shows per day. Ticket prices were hiked up to Rs.250 in many single screens. Telangana government permitted 5 shows in single screens. The film had a bigger release than Baahubali 2 in USA. But everything backfired.

Although the numbers may look great on paper, the ground reality is different. Agnyaathavaasi is atleast shirt of 7 cr share in Telugu states. The film had a significant drop from the evening shows in first day. All thanks to the huge screen count which saved the grace. Guess what? There are 215 locations in USA which had below $1000 gross. Now you should decide what that $1.5M premier number means. It’s the same for Telugu states.

The worth share is below par in Telugu states. Take an example of Nizam. While trade experts were expecting a minimum of 7.5 cr – 8 cr share from the screen count, 5 shows in single screens, the film barely managed 5.45cr share. It’s lower than Janatha Garage. This is what happens when there are no hires and government doesn’t permit benefit shows. All this with an industry hit combination and Trivikram brand?