Actress wants to expose even after 35

If a stranger who is completely unaware of her identity, he/she would never believe that she is 35+. Not at least after the recent photo shoot she has participated in. With a career nearing two decades, she is still unaffected by age. She is still breathtakingly beautiful and irresistibly hot.

For last couple of years, she has mostly been playing character artist type roles with limited screen appearance and without any glamour dosage. How uneasy it would be for such an actress who made her way completely on the strength of glamour.

Despite of her ultra glamorous photo shoots in regular intervals and free skin show in public functions, she isn’t getting a meaty role at least, forget a glamorous role. The thing is, she wants a glamorous role now. She wants to expose again at the age of 35+.

But why? Is it so hard to understand for the lady that she is no more a sounding name in the industry. Can’t she believe that today’s youth may not prefer watching her when there are too hot to handle ladies like Kajal, Rakul and so on ruling the industry.