Aamir Khan’s on-screen daughter molested on flight

Aamir Khan’s Dangal daughter, national award winning child actress Zaira Wasim has been molested on a flight by a passenger. How hard this sounds to listen. A well known face, an actress with fame has been $exually mistreated by a middle aged man in a public transport. The irony is, the airlines crew hardly lent any help for the actress when asked.

Going by the Instagram post made by Zaira Wasim, she was on a Delhi to Mumbai flight yesterday. A middle aged man sitting behind her started caressing her neck while she was half asleep. He touched her in the back apparently. Although the actress tried everything in detail, she failed to do so in dim light. However, she managed to capture couple of his shameful acts.

The 17 year old went live after leaving the flight explaining how miserable her journey was with a pervert middle aged man. She stated that the crew of Vistara airlines didn’t offer any help to her despite complaining about the disturbance a co passenger is causing.

“If this how you are going to take care of girls? Who is going to help us girls? If we don’t help ourselves, nobody will come ahead” the actress said with wet eyes in the video.