Aadhar compulsory to have $ex with prostitute

Aadhar linkage is must to have a mobile number, Aadhar linkage is must to have a PAN card, Aadhar linkage is must to have a bank account and Aadhar is a necessity for many other things in India. The government has made Aadhar mandatory to carry on many daily activities. What next? Where would Aadhar card get mandatory? Well, this news will make you feel startled. Aadhar is must to have $ex with a prostitute. Yes, you have read in complete presence of mind.

Not everywhere in India but the scene is in existence in Goa. Nothing official though. As you know, Goa is called a hub of prostitution on India. The beaches, rave parties, boozing, escorting and what not, Goa is what it is. People get to choose escorts belonging to different countries in the western like state of India. But there are many cases where escorts have become victims of customers. Either they have sexually assaulted the escort or they have murdered one. It has been there with Goa for decades.

Now, escort brokers in Goa are reportedly demanding Aadhar cards from the customers. Submit your Aadhar card, only then you will be allowed to chose a lady from the group. Complete your desire and then retake your Aadhar card with you. This is the new proposal in many Goa brothel houses.

So, Aadhar is must to even have $ex with a escort. What days we are living in. Crazy !