A treatment for making your black penis into white one

And all these we were like only in India people are obsessed with fair skin tone. No, not India alone, there are other parts of the world where too this fair skin tone obsession is in existence. Penis fairness treatment came into existence in Thailand very recently and in no time, lakhs of Thailand men are knocking the doors of this clinic to whiten their private part.

This bizzare treatment is currently available at Lelux Hospital, Bangkok. If you ask how this treatment is conducted and how it works, using lasers, doctors will breakdown the melanin in the skin cells. It is an anti pigmentation laser technique which whitens the skin. A total number of 5 sessions will be conducted and the whole package costs 650 USA dollars (41,489 in Indian Rupees).

And dear men, one important note. Most of the doctors including the head handling this treatment are female doctors. Bunitha Wattanasiri, a doctor from the same hospital tells media that they are taking all the required safety measures during the laser to avoid any sort of damage to the penis.

Having said that, this laser treatment also has its side effects. It may leave scars on the penis, change the texture of the skin, may cause inflammation or pain. Speaking facts, skin tone will not change anything during the intercourse. It’s all about healthy erections. So, why do you have to bother if your penis skin is dark?