8 weird questions girls have about a penis

Even in magazine age, we are not completely aware of genitals of opposite gender. Which man knows about a vagina completely and which woman understands a penis fully except in cases we have doctors here. There are many wonderful things about a penis which women don’t understand and it’s vice versa for men. Here are 8 questions (weird) which women asked about a penis?

1) How the bone disappears when he is not horny?

Ans – There are no bones in a penis. It just becomes a boner when he is ready for it. Penis is all about shafts and muscles.

2) Why a man screams so much when anything hits him down there? Is it that painful?

Ans- Only a man can understand how terrible that is. The balls are super sensitive. They can’t bear anything over gentle.

3) I heard it hangs to the left. Why?

Ans – It’s normal and it is because the left ball is generally big in size. It hangs to left because of that extra pressure.

4) Can a man control a boner ?

Ans – He may do that only by staring at some religious stuff immediately. Or else, it’s hard to control. Quite embarrassing.

5) How long an erection can last?

Ans – If he is watching an exciting porn episode for an hour, it might still last for an hour. If he is unexcited, even a second is too long.

6) Do men measure their friend’s size?

Ans – Don’t women check out their breasts size? The same curiosity is with men. Likewise they also feel that insecurity if it is small in size.

7) Why it ejaculates so quickly?

Ans – The body structure is made like that. Which man doesn’t want to last long? Even science cannot answer this in a perfect way. Just think like men respond quickly than women.

8) Sperm is produced in the penis? How much of in a day?

Ans – It’s semen and not sperm in first place. It’s produced in the balls but not in a penis. On a average, 2ml to 5 ml of semen is produced in a day.