8 super foods to clean your bloodstream

We intake many crap things into our body. We eat processed food, we ear junk food, we drink alcohol, we smoke and moreover, we ear with hands which are filled with hidden bacteria. So, how on Earth we can stop toxins entering our body and blood? The only we know of detoxification is drinking water, lots of water. But do you know that these 8 superfoods also do help in detoxification of blood and body ?

1) Turmeric is traditional Indian spice used in many recipes. If you already using Turmeric in your diet, you are going good. You can make Turmeric tea and can also also Turmeric in milk.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar has this name of natural cleanser for valid reasons. The alkaline elements in ACV flushes out the toxins in your body.

3) Garlic should be your first choice if you want to clean your body and blood getting rid of toxins. It has sulfur which helps in blood purification.