8 Super foods to burn your fat super fast

No one wants to see extra kilos hanging along with their body. The problem is, for that so called taste, we can’t stop ourselves from touching the junk food we eat. Yeah we are even bit lazy to work on burning those fats but our laziness is not the only why more than half of the population on this planet is unfit. The choice of lifestyle and diet are the culprits. Taste is the magnetic force. So, here are 10 foods which carry decent to good taste and also burn fats at a rapid pace.

* Don’t you love tomatoes? You can have them without adding any spice or salt for taste. They are blessed with natural taste. Eat tomatoes and make juice with them. Tomatoes increase the levels of adiponectin, a protein which breaks the fat. Few researches have proved this point where people with obesity burnt their fat by drinking tomato juice on regular basis.

* Salmon fish is a superstar in super foods. The wealth of omega 3 fatty acids in it make Salmon stand tall in among super foods. Keep eating Salmon fish, but wild one. You know how fish farming is done. So, better to walk your way to the water and catch a Salmon on own.

* Coconut oil is a great source of medium chained triglycerides. The MCT’s provide energy to our body but not fat. Do a favor to your own body by using coconut oil for cooking.

* Coffee can only help you if you know the thin line where it has to be controlled. A drink in a day is enough and more than enough. Make dark coffee, limit the involvement of milk and drink right before you move for a work. It helps.

* Avocados are bit costly in India but worth buying. This amazing fruit has a great taste and great amount of fat burners stored. It creates a great environment for the interaction between cell membranes and fat burning hormones.

* Kale is a blessing from planet Earth. Take Kale as salad. It will flush out the toxins, burn fats and controls the levels of insulin. This will help you to eat in limits of health. You can lose large amount of fats with ease.

* Do you know that even our fat cells have to face inflammation. This will make your condition more worse. Add turmeric in your foods as it contains curcumin, which reduces the inflammation and cuts down the fat.

* Tamarind is paste is used in several Indian dishes. Make several more with Tamarind paste as it can control serotonin levels in human body. The restriction of this hormone immediately restricts the fat storage.