8 stupid things boys for which would never impress a girl

How to make a girl fall for you ? This has been a million dollars question ever since mankind came into existence. There could be number of ways to impress her but not these 8 ways for a girl who is not actually desperate to fall for any guy.

1) You may thing flirting is funny. But here is the real thing. Girls enjoy flirting only when it is coming from the guy she likes. If she isn’t really enjoying your flirt, stop it immediately before her face gets red.

2) Showing off your cool is good at times. But not all the time. There are more women in this world who prefer simplicity over show off.

3) Trying to showcase all your intelligence with an intention to show her less intellectual isn’t really good thing. In fact, it only makes you dumb in front of her.

4) Would she like you if come up with a good nickname or something like “baby” ? They sound good only when if you are either hot or even she is hitting you.