8 signs that you are not taking enough protein

We know how to get protein. Chicken and eggs are famous sources of protein. Why you wouldn’t like to eat them everyday. Then what ? Take plant proteins and do whatever, just make sure you are getting enough protein for your body. You may ask how to know if I am getting enough protein or not ? Well, these 8 signs will answer.

* Keratin is a protein which builds the cells of your hair. Proteins plant hairs and grow them. If your protein intake is very much less, your hair will become dry and then it will start to fall.

* Without proper protein presence in your body, it can never fights against infections. You would feel flat with fever quite easily and most often.

* Sleep pattern could get disturbed because of the inadequacy of protein. Know why this happens ? When you are about to sleep the brain controls the hormones and let the body rest. But within proper protein, hormonal imbalances happen.