8 Reasons why babies couldn’t fall asleep at Nights

Parents would enjoy every little thing a baby does. Baby’s smile, baby’s little cry, the unexpected delivery of waste and all their failed efforts to be stand up on own. But not their sleeplessness at nights. Although they don’t get tired, there is a sense of worry. What might be the thing troubling this little one this late night ? Well, there are 8 possible reasons.

1) Hunger and thirst

Generally babies do feel hunger during the night or just before going to bed. Make sure the baby is breast fed for every four hours. Babies needed to be fed for every four hours because breast milk is easily digested.

2) Needs a sleep prop

Baby’s who got habituated to sleep prop need it when waking up during the night. It can be a pacifier bottle or breast spoof. If your baby is accustomed to a sleep prop, such as falling asleep while breastfeeding or with a bottle or pacifier, your baby is less likely to go to sleep on his or her own.