8 possible reasons for pain the breasts

* It could be the effect of birth control pills :

You might know this scientific fact that contraceptive pills increase the levels of oestrogen hormone in a female’s body. This can also be taken as hormone fluctuation. The sudden change in the hormone balance can cause mild to severe pain the breasts.

* Unfit Bra :

In most cases, bra plays the culprits. Either it could be a tight bra, stabby underwire or abrasive fabrics that cause severe pain in the breasts. So, acting choosy while purchasing a bra is compulsory.

* Are you pregnant?

Have you observed your breasts growing big all of sudden? The rise of estrogen hormone has hit you. That’s because you have become pregnant or you are supposed to become one. At this point of time, you can feel the soreness, tenderness in the swollen breasts. Need not worry as this a sign of pregnancy.