6 tricks to solve windows slow start up

Ever since Windows 10 has been introduced, the slow start up issue with Windows has become a very common affair. It’s because of the additional graphics and apps which come with Windows 10. Although, slow start up can also be seen in other versions of Windows, it’s more common in the latest version. You might get irritated and impatient seeing the snail walk of windows. Here are 6 tricks that would solve your problem.

* Go to start and click on power option. Choose high performance from balanced.

* Open task manager, choose startup and then disable the apps or software whose startup impact is high.

* Go to start menu and search defragment. You will find an option defragment and Optimisation, click on it. No choose the C drive and optimise it.

* Go to start menu and open Run. Type %temp% in Run. Delete all the files from that folder. Now again, type prefetch in run and open the other unwanted files folder. Delete all of them.

* Open my computer and right click on the C drive or the drive which has the windows installed in it. Select properties. You will find a disk cleanup option there. Click on that. Need not fear since it only deletes unwanted files.

* Go to start menu and open Run. There you need to type msconfig. Select Services from the options. Click on Hide all Microsoft services given at left bottom. Now click on ok.