6 signs that tell your lungs are in trouble

What if your lungs stop working even for seconds ? You cannot imagine the consequences. You dare not. Lungs are one of the most essential parts of human body for obvious reasons. It takes oxygen in and leaves the carbon dioxide out. This oxygen is distributed to various parts of the body in blood stream. Only with blood and oxygen, other body parts function. That’s the reason why you must take atmost care of lungs. Beware of these 6 signs.

* Do you see your legs and feet swelling ? That could possibly a sign saying that your lungs are in danger. If you wonder how, if lungs don’t function properly, there won’t be enough oxygen in the body to make fluids move in your body through out. What happens next ? Fluids may get stored in lower parts of body and it swells.

* You slept for 7-8 hours. You had enough rest. But still, you feel too tired and too unexcited at work ? Well, even this could be a sign of improper lung functioning. Your body falls fatigue as there is scarcity of oxygen to different parts.

* Chronic cough isn’t a good sign in anyway. Technically, it is a status update of your lung functioning. If the cough is regular and long lasting, there is something wrong with your lungs. Immediately, go to check up without any further delay. At times, the cough is so serious that even your arms get the pain.