6 reasons why women blood more than usual in periods

Every woman in the world has to go through periods. But the menstruation cycle and it’s nature is not really the same with every women. Few have long periods, few have short periods, few would face early and few would experience late. The blood flow isn’t the same either. There are women who suffer with heavy periods. Heavy in the sense they see lot of blood going out of vagina, of course more than usual. What causes this abnormal condition ? Is there any reason hidden which is worth worrying ? What are the reasons of heavy periods ?

* Women with heavy periods might be suffering with a blood disorder called Willebrand disease (VWD). In this case people don’t have a specific blood-clotting protein. This leads to heavy blood flow in periods. It could be more than normal.

* Uterine Fibrods could be another reason for heavy blood flow in the periods. Although this sounds bit heavy and as a disorder, it’s a common thing in 70% of the women. These Fibrods grown in uterus are not cancer causing agents but they are responsible in heavy bleeding. Consult a doctor.

* In some cases, women don’t have any physical problem but they still bleed more. This happens in pre menopause phase. In other words, heavy bleeding could also be a sign of menopause arrival.

* Sometimes, the change in medicines can also cause heavy bleeding in periods. Especially if a woman is on contraceptive pills or any other pill effecting the hormonal balance. Take only those medicines prescribed by the doctor..

* A gonorrhea, a chlamydia or any other infection of this kind stands responsible for heavy bleeding in periods. There is a possibility of this case. Make sure you are done with tests.

* Women who suffer with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome will get a cluster of cysts on their ovaries. This causes heavy bleeding. It PCOS in not really a normal condition. Consult a good doctor for efficient treatment.