6 questions women don’t understand about penis

Men still don’t understand her lady part completely. Even in this science age, it’s hard to understand a vagina. But is it only men who are not aware of the other gender’s genitals? Even women don’t understand many things about the penis. Although a penis is not as complicated a vagina is. Here are 6 of those questions.

* How does a soft thing become so hard?

An erection is a miracle for a woman. Girls often feel surprised to see a small and soft thing changing its shape and girth all of sudden. They wonder how does a penis become so hard when a man feels horny.

* What are balls for?

Women also feel surprised for the existence of balls since they don’t offer anything to the woman directly during the intercourse. But they do offer so much beyond their thoughts as balls produce the source of human evolution, sperm.

* Morning glory comes with $ex dreams?