6 possible reasons why you missed your period

Even you are very basic at science, you would know that pregnancy stops menstrual cycle for months. But what causes irregular periods when a woman is not with pregnancy? Is it abnormal? What are those causes? Here are 6 important out of them.

* Mental health is important. It doesn’t feel like you mental status is affecting your physical things but it does. Stress can bring anything. Acne, weight loss and what not. It can also affect your period cycle. It’s because, when you are not well mentally, the body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. There will be serious harmony imbalance.

* There is a gland in your body called hypothalamus, which also shows influence on your menstrual cycle along with various physical activities and changes in your body. When your body undergoes sudden weight issues, the hypothalamus gland is effected and then estrogen harmone levels would go down. It’s obvious, you would miss your period.

* Not only the inadequacy of estrogen levels, even the over production of the same would also effect your period cycle. Overweight brings such situation. Then the endometrial lining overgrows in your body causing irregular periods or absence of period.

* Breastfeeding can also make your period miss. It happens since the breast milk production harmone prolactin at times may suppress the process of ovulation. That doesn’t mean you are pregnant now. You can consult a doctor for better idea.

* Ever heard about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS? Not just acne, excess hair growth and weight gain, PCOS even become reason for infertility. We hope that is not your case. It can cause cysts around ovaries and create problems in ovulation. Ask your doctor if this is the reason why you skipped your period.

* Premenopausal reasons also cause this problem. Never bother, it happens naturally and it is the sign giving you a hint that you are in last stages of ovulation. That means, Estrogen levels are getting decreased in your body and your are about to reach menopausal stage.